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4. 慧駒國



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    The first-time onward voyage of the space row meets the raid of storm, taking place the ship difficult.Afterwards drift to a to call the Lilliputian nation.When he wake up, find oneself's whole body to be been binding by the cordage, is nail on the ground and can not move.Through a period of time, the space row acquires the trust of the mean persons, and helps the mean personses to vanquish again other of national of invade, the big hero who become the Lilliput.End because of is envy by the disloyal minister frame up and escape the Lilliput.


    Voyage for the second time hour, again the strange combination of circumstances ground is alone stayed is high and strong giant junior high schools in all of the denizen, these giants as long as use the index finger and thumb, then the ability raises he to the midair.Afterwards have a farmer to bring the space row to"busk",provide the person to appreciate and enjoy everywhere.Exactly pass by two after years, one fine day is been grasp by a huge eagle by the space row pack in the wood box to rise and throw to fall the sea in.The boats and ships that just is finally pass by save to rise to return to the home town.

    3.fly the insularity

    Voyage for the third time, the space row ran into the pirate, escorting he to the waste island, opportunity strangely fits next, the space row went to an island that will fly again.He feels in flying the island, the strange affair is anything-goes, and the native sons are all very inflexible, stay very lifeless there, hence he wanted to go home again, end, the space row due to on wishing the home, escape, however in the process of escape, he still almost dies.

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    The last time of voyage of the space row , go to have the excellent reasonableness and the country of of the language competence

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    At the country of Intelligent colt , the space row is be feed as the domestic animal sort, the language of a learning , finally, he was in love with this ideal country, and expect that the ability is in the this Anne's a remaining years.

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    However the elder of the country of Intelligent colt think the space row may launch the insurrection, or the manufacturing is dangerous however, the Intelligent colt country decision drives out the space row .So he only has to helplessly return England.

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