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Shut, must divide for a long time, sentence this spend on, wrap the first four no exception. In 1970, because the difference between art, economic and personal idea, led to the fact that it is constant to wrap the conflict between the head, wrap, four dismiss formally while being the first, member each solo flight continue personal performance, wrap the first 4 rumor recombinated spread constantly too later, John was blue you were shot to death in front of one's own door until 1980, enabled and wrapped the first four and can not recombinate forever.

Wrapping the first four since 1970 and dismissing from now to today, for 30 years, although there are no new works during that time to come out, but is still choosing carefully collecting issuing constantly, these special editions always have good achievement, happy way the most among them is that the authentic work issued in 1995 commemorates the series of collecting (Anthology) ,Disc list, cause song fan to be loud to rank the long queue yet, later on this set of special editions become champion's special edition smoothly too, have also caused first champion Zhang special edition and the newest champion's disc to be separated by the longest record, have differed by for 32 years during that time.

Not only the old song fan affirms them, wrapped the first four but also attracted many young audiences. And today in 30 of works to wrap the first four, are still thought it is a classical creation by music comment, believe that wraps the first four music of we brought in future, will be the same as those immortal classical music too, spread ceaselessly forever

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    關閉,分必須很久,這花費的句子對,把那些第一個4 例外不包起來。 在1970年, 因為在藝術,經濟和個人想法之間的差別, 導致把衝突在頭之間包起來是恆定的的事實,把包起來,4 正式開除作為第一個, 成員每次獨奏飛行繼續個人作秀, 把recombinated更經常太遲傳播的前4 謠言包起來, 約翰憂郁你歲被在一個人自己門的前面得要死射擊,直到1980,使能夠和把包起來那些第一個4 並且不能recombinate永遠。

    從1970年起包裹第一個4 並且對今天從現下開除, 30 年, 雖然在這段時間沒有新作品出現, 但是仍然選擇仔細收集的經常發布, 這些號外總是有好成就, 愉快路最多的在中他們是在1995 發布的那些真實工作紀念一系列收集(文選) ,光碟目錄, 引起歌愛好者是響亮的排列長的隊伍, 後來這套號外也順利成為冠軍的號外, 也已經引起第一個冠軍張號外和要被最長時間的記錄分開的最新的冠軍的光碟, 適合32年相差在這段時間。

    不僅老歌愛好者肯定他們,把第一個4 包起來,而且吸引很多年輕的觀眾。 並且今天在把第一個4 包起來的工作中的30件, 仍然被認為這是透過音樂說明的經典創造物, 相信把包起來前4 音樂我們帶來今後,將與那些不朽的經典音樂相同也正不停地永遠傳播

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    丟翻譯軟體翻成“wrap the first four”


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