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Is there anyone can tell me what baltane is . This word is out form a materials list used in aircraft fuel tank. Thank you .

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    It should be the trade name of Methyl Chloroform manufactured by Atochem. Please see P124 of this document.

    Methyl chloroform is used as an industrial solvent. In your case, it's probably for cleaning the aircrafts.

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    Thanks for both of you providing information of baltane. I think it , just like you said, is some kind of cleaner as our maintenance manual put it together with other consumer materials list used in remove, inspection and reinstall of fuel tank .

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    The Tradename Baltane is the property of Atochem

    It is a 1,1,1, Trichloroethane based solvent that was banned.

    The use: Solvent for vapour and cold cleaning of precision components prior to further processes such as plating or painting, PCB defluxing

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    So, you have to use replacement solvent or alternative method as recommended by EPA

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