what is the best way to change a laptop with vista os to windows xp ?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    There are many ways to switch from vista back to xp. First of all, you should back up all of your important data. Next, you should check to see if your laptops driver are available for xp. If your computer comes with vista ultimate you can order a downgrade CD from Microsoft, to downgrade from vista to xp. However, once you downgrade to xp your vista license will be turned into a xp license so you will need another product key to run vista on your computer again. Another way you can do this is by doing a fresh install. Note that this method can erase all of your data.You should note that the xp installation might not have the drivers newer hard drives so you should find these drivers before you install. Another way is by using virtual machines. Virtual machines allow you to install xp and other OS's on vista while you are running vista. this method doesn't require a backup and it will not destroy your data. However, some of the features on a virtual machine maybe limited (Hardware acceleration for example). The three best virtual pc programs out there today are parallels desktop, VM ware workstation, and virtual PC. VM and parallels desktop cost money; however, virtual PC is for free and can be downloaded from Microsoft.com. I suggest that you don't downgrade because Vista is more current and will soon be mainstream. Vista might have its problems but that is because it is currently new, so you should keep updating your vista, and you'll eventually see that performance will improve. However, if you need xp I suggest you use virtual PC programs for that.

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