immigrating to Australia?

as an individual, im not against immigration here, but i believe if they are to come here, work here, live here, come here to be an australian. i havent studdied alot on the topic but based on my current knowledge and my social science classes at school, laws are being made and put forward to suit all of the other different cultures, which is ok...but to a certain point. for example, im pretty sure its against the law to go through drive-thru's such as McDonalds because it is against some religions to go into them resteraunts. personally i think that's a bit ridiculous. this is our country and theyve come here for whatever reason, because their country horrible whatever and maybe australia is a nice wont be a nice place for much longer, it will slowly become like england. and english man once said to me "you f**ked if your a white english man in England". im not racist. my partner is cambodian. i have friends of all different nationallities.


i didnt explain myself properly with the drive thru. i meant taxi's. its an offence to go thru a drive thru in a taxi because its against some taxi drivers' religions.

Update 2:

i agree with you mitch. we are due for a bti of change. but be careful about it. yeah i agree that without that immigration boom we wouldnt be up to speed. and to the other guy...the weaker species hahaha please what are you?

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    I believe if they come to our country they come and follow our laws, our culture our way of life! Their home is the only legal place they should be allowed to practise their religion and their culture, unless they open up a Thai (for example) restaurant. It's not fair that when we go to their country we have to follow their laws, cultures and ways of life. We've saved you from horrible living conditions and sometimes certain death and this is how you repay us!?!? Well look who's racist and unforgiving now! I think a little thanks would be nice but no, not even that.

    I was watching a Report on Today Tonight which demonstrated by argument clearly. In a suburb in Melbourne a white Australian man and a Chinese Australian man went around the the same shops with the same problems undercover and the White Australian man was always ripped because of his nationality. And on countless occasions they even spoke in front of him in their own language so he couldn't understand what he was saying.

    I love it that people come to Australia to get away from disgusting and inhumane circumstances, but when me and fellow white Australian's are treated like this I'd prefer it if you'd just f*ck off back to your own country and live in the slums! Until we get a little respect for saving your lives don't expect us to treat you like you deserve it in return!

    PS: There are a lot of nice immigrants living in Australia and it's them a feel sorry for, because they are unfairly targeted by us because of all the other immigrants ripping us off and treating us with no respect!

    PSS: White culture is not on the way out, in years to come there'll still be millions of white people living on this planet. However, what is on the way out, and I've noticed this incredibly in the past few months, is any respect for white people. Yes white people dominated the world years and years ago, but the white people living now are not those people so why should we be second class citizens to anyone else, and why should we be told we're racist when clearly everyone else is being racist against us! Fair enough there are racist whites... but seriously... I don't think all black's and asians love white people!!??

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    Multi culturalism is a really good idea on paper, but in reality it can never work, we are stuck with it and just need to learn to live with it. I agree they should take on our values, but they should be allowed to practise their religion as long as it isnt radical, because this is where all the major problems stem from. Unfortunately there is a minority that cant leave their old hatreds back in their old country and bring it out here. A new life a new beginning should be what they aim for but some dont to their own detriment and ours. They have been fighting in their own country for thousands of years, so i cant see this changing just because they move here. We should be more careful on who is allowed in and who is going to add to our culture not destroy it, look how well the italians, greeks, macedonians, english and irish did when they came here in the 50's and 60's, they were fantastic immigrants and added to our wonderful country, pity some of the others dont have a look at this and try to do the same, our country and they would be much better off

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    What was your question? I live in WA and I think as we become a more multicultural society our laws need to change to accommodate more immigrants.

    Without the immigrants our economy wouldnt have boomed. I mean its quite easy to get into Australia and that should become stricter so that we dont end up like the UK but I am ok with a bit of change Australia is due for one.

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    It's amazing! These nonwhites all want too come to a society that white man built, but once here they expect that new country to cater to them by turning the country that white people built into the country they left behind. Racial and cultural war is coming and we all better be prepared for it.

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    white people and culture are on the way out worldwide so get use to it .I guess it's natures way of getting rid of a weak species. SAD !!

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