whose the coolest : lourdes leon(madonna's daughter),kylie jenner,or kendall jenner?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Lourdes, by FAR...

    She spends so much of her time doing volunteer work, and seems genuinely concerned about the world outside of her money-lined luxurious bubble.

    The Jenner kids are just two spoiled brats, without a clue regarding what the real world is about.

  • They are all pretty kewl, but I love Lourdes. She's so gorgeous like her mother and fashionable and I think she's on her way to becoming a big star. She almost got a part in the next harry potter movie. I like Kylie and Kendall, too though. They are so gorgeous too, but I think all these kids may end up being spoiled if they're too pampered. I mean Lourdes has her own TRAINER and HAIR STYLIST. and the girl's freaking eleven!

    But they are all awesome!

  • 1 decade ago

    lourdes is the coolest by far! she has madonna's genes and a hot pappi, carlos leon. kendall and kylie will likely grow up to be like kim which is really nothing at all.

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