How did Lois come back after Stewie shot her up on the boat?

I'm curious... I missed the first part of the next episode... how did she actually come back? Anyone remember that episode of Family Guy? How did she survive?


I know none of it was real, but I'm just sayin' tho, I missed the first part where she said she survived. How did she?

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    1 decade ago
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    Lois was saved by a Merman (male mermaid) who brought her to shore and nursed her back to health. She ended up with amnesia but eventually remembered how Stewie tried to kill her and she returned to Quahog to kill him. At the end of the show it was revealed that none of the events were real, Stewie just wanted to see how things would turn out if he killed Lois on his computer.

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    None of it was real. In the end of the episode you can see that it was a "what if machine".

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