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rodeo - cruelty?

Ok is it just me or is the "rodeo cruelty" thing pissing off all other rodeo goers, or is it just me?

How come people take a video of ONE rodeo mishap and label the whole industry as cruelty, and spit on people who do rodeo? I mean people say they hate peta, but doing that sort of thing - taking one video and then saying the whole rodeo thing is bad, is a peta move.


agree or disagree, why do you hate/like rodeo?

im for rodeo all the way ♥ love it

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    i have been in pro rodeo for a lot of years and know most of the stock contractors personally,i have been answering these questions for a while so here is my answer.i have had Peta and other animal rights organizations protesting outside of the rodeos and have yet to see someone turn away from going to the rodeo because of what they say and you will find their pamphlets littering the ground and filling the trash cans.the livestock have been purposely bred for bone structure and attitude so thru proper breeding we as rodeo contractors have improved our own industry and livestock to keep an American Heritage alive.granted we are still working on a few injury preventitive measures for livestock like softer ropes for roping to keep the injuries to calves down,more fines and consiquences for ropers who consistantly injure calves and tighter regulations for roughstock events.this was done without the help of animal rights organizations and will continue to be up to the rodeo contractors and commitees to make our sport safer not only for the participants but also the livestock that without them we would not be able to do what we love!those who dont understand rodeo or handling livestock and think that they arent agressive should try to cross my pasture with my range bulls who have never been in rodeo and see if you can outrun them or try riding green horses who have never been handled by humans except corral'ed for vetting.all sports will have injuries and we are striving to keep them down and make our sport better for all participants.

    edit: i should add that sharkonline tried in california to get a stock contractor for animal cruelty.their efforts failed when the stock contractor in the court was found not guilty on all counts and he had adhered to all laws and regulations pertaining to the care and safety of the livestock.that is why sharkonline now has over 4 different names for their organization so they wont be erased from youtube for copyright infringements like they have had done several times before.they are just another organization who is benefitting financialy from people who know nothing about handling livestock to line their own pockets.

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    Omgoodness I totally agree. There's this video on youtube of the high school rodeo finals where a horse got in the way of a bull. And it states how cruel it is and how the horse died and that the cowboy hit it with his hat. This is the stupidest thing in the world. I was there. The horse did not die. The cowboy threw the hat to get the bull off. And this very rarely happens. I actually think that rodeo is one of the safest equine sports (compared to eventing and racing? hands down). One thing happens and everybody freaks out about it (not to mention, they aren't even a part of these sports or know anything about them). I think that Barbaro and Eight Belles were amazing horses, but how they've been publicized and how the "whole nation was upset"? They never would have known had it not been all over the news. These were two horses, not an outrageous number like 500. Two! If PETA and ALF would stop blowing things way out of proportion then everybody would calm down.

    In my own conclusion: The purpose of rodeo is entertainment. We cowboys and cowgirls want to perform well for our audience. How could we expect to compete well if we were abusing our animals? Unhappy animals don't perform.

    Obviously, I'm completely for rodeo.

    Kaylo O: You've been to "A rodeo"? One rodeo? And you're voicing your opinion on how cruel it is? One rodeo does not give you any insight into everything we do for the welfare of the animals. Basing what you seem to believe are the cold hard facts on going to ONE RODEO?? I'm placing your answer in the ignorant category. Please research more and then define your opinion.

  • I agree with Kayla O. I mean, I do like rodeos and all, but the devices they put on them, it kind of sad. Would you like to be tickled and no matter what you do, you couldn't stop it?

    Well, I know I wouldn't. PETA is wrong; and so are people you say anything about horses is cruel without getting some facts. I know the straps or whatever on the bulls/horses don't actually do any harm, but it is a sort of torture. But then again, it isn't torture.

    However, now that I think about it, i don't like rodeos. If you want to see why, then please read this, dont' give me a thumbs down, unless you read this article and then decide.

    I never knew this stuff until now. Even if you have been to a rodeo, I am sure you never noticed these things. Watch some of the videos too. I am sure you will learn alot, I did!

    These videos show how they shock horses with 5000 volts and all, and plus use those strap things.

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    Peta is ****. Period. I mean it badly, too. When you make radical claims like that then you NEED to back it up with FACT, cold, hard fact. Not outdated or manipulated videos. They don't get the facts straight with racing, why would they get them right with rodeo? Peta does not care about animals, they euthanize over 90 percent of the animals in their care and support animal rights groups that have hurt animals(slashing the tendons of hunt horses-resulting in deaths, spraying mace in the hound dogs face, decimating British wild life by freeing animals) They have a hidden agenda, and that is to sever any ties we have with animals period. Peta is currently attempting to make changes that appear to be for the better-such as softer turfs for horses(meanwhile any vet will tell you that the deeper the surface, the more give, the higher the risk of a leg injury), no whips(what in the world are the jockeys supposed to use? There legs are hiked up-the horse can't feel them, the whip is literally just the leg-and honestly, speaking as a kid who has gotten into crop wars with other kids the crop/whip/bat is NOT designed to hurt)

    I don't participate in rodeo, never have, and honestly I probably never will-there's not really any around in my area. But when I saw these awful videos surfacing atleast I didn't jump to conclusion, I talked to people over the internet on some horse forums who have participated in rodeo and they gave me some of the real facts before I made assumptions.

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    Rodeos and bull ridding are fun to watch, though sometimes a little nerve racking. What incident recently has gotten your area all up in arms about rodeo cruelty?

    Personally, if the rodeo is so cruel, why do the horses and bulls live so long and look so good? Those animals are bred to be fighters and they're taken very good care of for these events.

  • I think rodeo is good and fine as long as the animals are treated properly.

    I also agree that people that become misinformed in situations like this tend to consistently turn to the negative examples as their example for the sport. Thus blowing every thing out of proportion.

    So I'm all for rodeo done right.

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    I've had so many good friends involved in rodeo...many as competitors and others as rodeo queen and court.....Most have or are now competing at the PRCA level.....I've been around rodeo for I've really got a close up view....

    Some things I see, accidents with livestock, I don't care for...however, they are few and far between. If this were wholesale abuse of livestock you can bet rodeo would not have the following that it does. Most people with any god given sense at all wouldn't tolerate it. PETA is just bullsh*t from idiots who haven't a clue...they see something they don't like and immediately become a terrorist in their reactions. There are a lot of retards in this world and PETA members make up a small group of them....the ones that really drive me nuts are the "movie" stars who haven't sense enough to come in out of the rain.....Lobotomies for every one of them!!!

    (Most of the kids that I know that come from rodeo families are fine, upstanding people in our community...and I live in a definite rodeo community....WNFR/PBR winners in saddle bronc, team roping, steer wrestling and bull riding.)

    Anyway, just my thoughts.....................

    Edit: John R has some good points and he should know from the rodeo arena experience as a "rodeo clown/bull fighter".

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    Laughing at idiots like Peta...

    Make them a whole madder at me...than the drivel they are spewing makes me mad.

    I used to get mad...but with age...comes treachery. Learn how to ask questions that they can't answer. Then you can laugh at them...

    Terrah has some awesome examples of facts that can be turned into questions for these type of people. Peta usually shows the SAME video over and over. One or two incidents is not a reason to catagorize rodeo with a general assumption of being cruel.

    That's like thinking all teenagers are bad...because a few of them do school shootings.

    But the one or two incidents that get on the net or the news...are sensationalized. Because that's what people LIKE to see. Then we can have mass hysteria and jump on a bandwagon that SEEMS popular. Cause we all want to belong somewhere...right?

    I choose to belong to the real world.


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    I'm not sure what "rodeo cruelty" video you're talking about, but I googled it, and from what I've seen, most of them are "accidents" (by that I mean when bull or bronc riding and the animal breaks a leg, or while steer or calf roping, the animal gets "jerked" too hard) I think rodeo's are an American tradition. The animals used for rodeos are true "animal athletes", and 99% of the time, they are treated like ture athletes. They are extremely well cared for... Here is an exerpt from the official PBR website regarding the care and treatment given to their professional bulls :

    Bull Injuries: There are approximately 60 bulls at a one-day event, 90 bulls at a two-day event and 110 bulls at a three-day event. A bull bucks only one time per day and no more than two times at a typical event. Approximately 30-40 of the bulls at a typical two-day event will buck only once at that event.

    One bull will suffer a minor injury (muscle pull, scratch) every 8 events or 786 outs.

    Bulls that are determined to have an injury are not allowed to compete again until fully recovered, which is generally one to four weeks.

    One bull will suffer a career-ending injury every 100 events or 9,833 outs.

    Bulls that suffer a career-ending injury are retired to stud and live the balance of their lives as healthy, fully capable breeding bulls. Their injuries do not impede the quality of life or ability to function, but do prevent them from competing at the PBR level as a bucking athlete.

    Four bulls have been euthanized as a result of injuries sustained over the 960 PBR events held since 1992, which translates to 1 out of every 23,735 outs.

    The bulls that have sustained life-threatening injuries at PBR events have been taken to large animal hospitals for treatment and care. Three of the animal athletes that have sustained life- threatening injuries received hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical treatment and lived for extended periods of time (up to two years) before the injuries required euthanization.

    A bucking bull has a .004% chance of sustaining a life-threatening injury at a PBR event.

    I think that before people jump on the PETA bandwagon, they need to do their research. I say to all the rodeo riders/fans/participants: Go on and do what you do! It is and always will be a great American sport!

    Source(s): - More info on the care and wellfare of the PBR bulls.
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    I agree with you I've been to rodeos before and althought my opoion is that SOME of the events a in my opinion cruel but most of them aren't but to take 1video of a ****** up situation is just wrong by catergorizes them all the same

    Source(s): just my opinion
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