Diagnosis ideas?

Here are the symptoms (may be related and/or unrelated):

Heavy weight gain (over 20 lbs) in less than 6 months -- no change in diet or excercise

Frequent bouts of 1-3 day long stomach issues (similar to stomach flu) 5-6 times over 3-4 months

Sudden increase in cramps through the legs, randomly in the toes and side stomach muscles

Constant emperature of 97.6 inconsistent with usual 98.6-99.0 prior to the stomach bugs

Fatigue; very sleepy with less than 10 hours of sleep per night

2 diagnosed and 2 assumed sinus infection within the same 6 month time period as the rest of the 'symptoms'

Forgetfulness, confusion

What disease or illness would make realistic diagnosis inclusive of most or all of these symptoms listed?

Thanks so much!

*promise to give 10 points to best answer*



Update 2:

Here are further symptoms and factors I had in my notebook as well as some details.

Very elasticy hair that falls out frequently but no balding is apparent

dry mouth and eyes

increased eye allergies


Nervousness, Irritablity

Heavier periods

Dry skin and flaky scalp that also get oily quickly even with use of head and shoulders


And I understand the need of doctors but I am also aware visits can be shortened by doing research beforehand.

There is no dehydration and no lack of potassium, I eat plenty of foods containing it. I drink at LEAST 46 ounces of water each day and also take a multivitamin daily.

Update 3:

no irregular blood pressure, on target

prone to stress

diabetes, irregular cholesterol ruled out at last checkup in December 07

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    I would say that if we could remove dehydration as a complicating factor in this issue that it would be easier to make a determination of what the 'root' cause of this issue would be. I know you said that there has been no change in diet/exercise but I'm not sure I'm buying that. So first of all...the patient needs to eat some food with a good amount of Potassium in it which would be like a banana. Then drink about 2 or 3 good glasses of water \\\\\this will target the cramping in the legs issues (lack of water=dehydration) and also the banana will increase the Potassium level in the blood stream which would alleviate the cramping due to a low K+ level.

    Another factor to consider would be is this person taking any meds due to the previous infections? If so the fatigue could be caused as a side-effect of the anti-biotics.

    Also...you must remember that a genuine diagnosis CAN NOT be substituted with advise over the internet. Only a qualified physician can make these medical judgment calls. Never substitute internet advise for qualified medical advise..your life may depend on it.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Symptoms could possibly relate to hypothyrodism, which include: (x next to yours)

    x Fatigue


    x Weight gain or increased difficulty losing weight

    Coarse, dry hair

    Dry, rough pale skin

    Hair loss

    Cold intolerance (can't tolerate the cold like those around you)

    x Muscle cramps and frequent muscle aches




    x Memory loss

    Abnormal menstrual cycles

    Decreased libido


    The list you provide seems mostly included in that above. Perhaps should discuss with your doctor about blood tests for thyroid function?

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Exogenous to morbid obesity with possibly early glucose intolerance.

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