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i want to make a site but i need to get a host that take money order and is not in the US and that is cheap. Anyone know any good,cheap, host thats NOT in the US and takes money order ? PS. i live in US

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  • 1 decade ago
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    You are difinitely in the wrong section, but to answer your question:


    Low-cost hosting with good service and reliability. A few years ago, I tried their $19/year plan. It only allowed 5 mb of storage, but suited my needs for that particular website. I was surprised and the service and reliability. Unfortunately, that plan is no longer available, but they do have plans starting at $4/month and 50MB of storage and 1G transfer. It is not in the US. I forgot which country it is in. You can find review on this and more hosting at the link below. Go to the links section......web hosting....for a list of hosts.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Search Google for "hosting in (whatever country)" you would like to be hosted in

    That should give you lots of results. And far as I know most companies accept money order

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  • you've posted in the wrong section - this is the search optimization section

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