How to make a Recomendation/Referrence letter for a person that is trying to get an apartment?

Anyone ever done one or seen one? Or are there any to view from online? What do they want you to talk about? And how long should it be?

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    [Keep it rather short. Add any details to personalize your recommendation.]

    Your full address

    (but not name, that goes at the bottom)


    RE: Recommendation for Apartment Rental


    I have known Mr. John Doe (Ms. Jane Doe) for __ years as (a friend of the family / a co-worker / a former roommate / his (her) employer / etc.). He (she) is a person of good character, reliable and honest. He (she) treats others thoughtfully and with respect.

    John (Jane) is very responsible and I do not hesitate to give him (her) my highest recommendation as a tenant.


    [leave room to sign]

    Type your full name

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    I have seen one. The main thing to stress is the person's sense of responsibility. You should write a short letter (1-2 paragraphs) that includes how you know the person, how long you've known the person and why you think they would be a good renter. If you're a previous landlord, you should say how they paid their bills on time and left things clean and undamaged. If you're a teacher or employer, you should talk about their good attendance, work ethic, etc. You should end by reiterating that the person is responsible and that he or she would be an outstanding renter.

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