Trade Carmona for K-Rod? AL Only Keeper League?

12 team AL-only league

My starters are kind of weak so I don't know if this is a good deal or not?

This is a salary keeper league.

Carmona $19 (good until 2009)

K-Rod $16 (only good for this year)

My starters:



D. Willis





I am in the middle of the pack in saves at the moment but last in ratio and moving up in ERA (since Sabathia has turned it around).

Is this a deal I should make to pick up some more points in saves or hold tight with Carmona?

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    Well your starters aren't very impressive age wise and Carmona is the most promising one you have but i would probably take the deal because Carmona's WHIP is most likely hurting you and i think Carmona won't be a "Fantasy Pitcher" for long i think his K/BB ratio will eventually hurt him enough and inflate his ERA and WHIP however he will still be a good MLB pitcher because he keeps his team in games. I think Carmona has already shown signs of turning into a Jon Garland type of pitcher and won't strikeout enough people to make up for his walks and WHIP. Trading Carmona helps your WHIP ERA and Save Categories with potential of picking up a few strikeouts here and there. The only reason i wouldn't do this is because K-Rod and Sabathia both hit Free agency and since this is a salary keeper league this lowers your budget to add other big salary players. Papelbon is also due for a extension and god only knows what the redsox will give him. I say take the deal since you are gaining cash for this year but just make sure you drop Dontrelle Willis and Contreras next year and pick up 2 cheaper young pitchers. Target High Strikeout pitchers in the minors as they have shown to have success in the MLB Tim Lincecum and Edinson Volquez as examples. 1 you could look into drafting is Gio Gonzalez and maybe scout a few more so you can drop any overpaid veterans for cheaper on the rise stars.

    But yeah take the deal and hope he doesn't get overpaid.

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