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I'm a senior citizen and my hair keeps getting thinner?

All my life I've had a thick head of hair and now it is just too thin and flat. Is there something I can do about it or not? I wear my hair long and it is naturally gray. After I wash my hair and brush it, loose hair comes off my head. I also seem to be shedding more on my clothing when my hair is dry. Help.

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  • Jay
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    1 decade ago
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    Keeping your hair long is going to make it thinner. It isn't ALL falling out, you are pulling a lot of it out by sitting in a chair, sleeping, pulling on a sweater, etc. because it is in the way.

    The weight of long hair helps keep it flat.

    Many women lose some of the fullness as a result of aging, but you are speeding up that process by keeping it long.

    There are some things that can help. Cut your hair. It will be healthier. Don't wash it daily. That dries it out by removing the natural oils. Change your shampoo and try not using conditioner. Conditioner makes your hair go flat.

  • I think you should cut your hair and wear it close to your head. Its not uncommon for you to loose your hair as you get older. Your hair would look more stylish short. Also a gentler shampoo-like a baby shampoo would make it very soft. Try it! What do you got to loose!

    Amelia Petre

  • 1 decade ago

    Talk to your beautician. If you are taking certain medications you can lose hair. Also with age it just thins. No real reason why, but there are many products your beautician can tell you about that may help.

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