Religion in the 1990s?

I'm working on a timeline for one of my classes about the 1990s. One of the catagories we need is religion and I'm having trouble with it. What are some events that occured from 1990 - 1999 that had to do with religion in America?


And if you could include a link, that would be fantastic!

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    1997 - Mother Theresa dies

    1993 - Holocaust Memorial Museum opens in Washington, DC

    1993 - Pope John Paul II visits Denver, CO

    1997 - Heaven's Gate cult commit suicide

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    Televangelists made more money from poor elderly women. People are becoming Enlightened by the fact that there are no gods and so money is slowly being diverted to science (at last) from churches.

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    In 1991, when the Gulf War broke out, it brought out a huger Church attendance for the various religions, as people were praying to God for peace.

    Then when the recession came, people again returned to religion, as people were praying for employment.

  • Heaven's Gate

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  • 1991: Antichrist born.



    More seriously:

    1992: John Paul II pardons Galileo.

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    Clinton defines sexuality.

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    Sorry, I don't do people's homework for them unless they fork over their lunch money for at least a week.

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