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If we get tax cuts (90% for the rich of course) and the economy goes in the tank why do Republicans want more?

Isn't the definition of insanity repeating the same mistake?

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    I am proud to be a republican and I do understand the reason for tax cuts. Tax cuts for the "rich" make perfect sense, the only problem is it never works out the way it is supposed to. It is the government's way of attempting to boost the economy. In return for the tax cuts, a company can hire several extra employees which results in that family coming off of welfare or unemployment. It also cuts costs of supplies and other needs that a company has because everything is supposed to be cheaper because the companies aren't having to pay a ridiculous amount in taxes. In theory, it is a good idea, but rarely works out that way it should, usually a company will hire less employees and work them to death because they know employees HAVE to keep their job even if it low paying and then they make a profit off of not hiring the extra employees and still getting the tax cut. People need to get with the picture and realize that there are always going to rich people and they are always going to try to keep poor people poor.

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