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which country you support Palestine or Israel?

I support Palestine

We all know the problems that are faced by Palestine due to Israel.

Israel (Jews) has no separate land or country until end of wold war 2

The UN divided the Arabs land in to 2 countries Palestine and Israel.

Now the Israel is occupying all the lands of Palestine.

I think the main reason of all the problems in the middle east is Israel

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    I absolutely support Palestine. I, too, am by no means anti-Jew or anti-semetic, I am anti-zionist.

  • camile
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    3 years ago

    loose PALESTINE! I continuously supported Palestine. I advise you all pay attention to British presently retired rapper Lowkey's music "long stay Palestine" and you may all pay attention the bitter certainty. sure, this would not advise i do no longer choose Israel to exist. It in simple terms ability i'm helping Palestine and choose Palestine it particularly is freedom. it began while Israel stole Palestinian land. until eventually now everyone disputes this, I advise they open their eyes. i'm from the united kingdom, England.

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    I support whomever is the most kind to 'it's' people and to those whom are not 'its' people. I think it is a horrific shame that so many person have died on both sides for issues brought by ignorance, greed and bigotry...

    I also find it disgusting in that if one believes that the Middle East is "holy" and the homeland for their particular religion or group, that they are POOR examples for the World and their 'flock' that lives Worldwide... If what some believe is the 'father' of their religion can't be a better 'parent' then it is an horrific example of what is wrong with this World in general...

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    1 decade ago

    As pointed out earlier,the programme on history channel takes this back to caine and able,six thousand years ago.As michelle s as pointed out,there does seem to be an inability to walk from these times to a more moderate up to date way of thinking.How long do you want to remain in the dark ages.Religeon doh

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  • 1 decade ago

    I support neither. But I don't expect two groups who claim the same territory and yet want peace to unite.

  • 1 decade ago

    I support both countries, if only they made a little more efford to get along with each other.

  • poop
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    1 decade ago

    Palestine, not because I hate Jews, but because I hate Zionism.

    People call the Palestinians barbaric, but what can you expect from people when you steal their land.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I agree with DARQUE but Michele.s's point is also equally valid.

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    good for you

    i happen to disagree with you

    i think many of the problems in the world originate in the middle east and strangely they are nothing to do with Israel

    i think the biggest problem in this area is their hatred of the west as it shows their society to be primitive and barbaric as they cling to the doctrine and teachings of the dark ages

    israel is a modern country surrounded by arabs living in the dark ages with governments happy to keep their people ignorant

    why would they want a state that follows a different way of life to them showing up their backward ways? this is part of the problem......along with good old fashioned hatred of Jews of course

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    it depends... right now i'd say neither...

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