eating and sleeping habbit of my one year old daughter?

i am worried for my daughter, she is around 8 kg now. height seems to be quite normal....her normal eating schedule is:-

1) morning ::: 8 a.m. ---- 120 ml milk

2)morning :::: 10 a.m. toast bread with butter and jam or corn flakes with 100 ml milk.

3) at 12:30 --- around 10-15 spoon feeding of solid food (rice with vegetables or home made bread with vegetables) with water or juice.

5) at 14:00 ....130 ml milk (then she sleeps for one hr)

6) at 16:00 ....some 5-6 grapes or little bit of apple or banana 18:00 milk around 100 ml

7) dinner at 19:30

then i try to make her sleep...but my problem is she dont sleep herself ...she never wanted to sleep...and if i try giving her milk at around that she sleeps well....sometimes she vomit everything.

Is my food pattern for her normal? what should i change to make her sleep longer and make her healthier? she wakes up 2 times each night and sleeps after drinking 100 ml milk...

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    This is what I do with my 13 month old:

    8am breakfast (here are some breakfast examples) [cheese, cereal bar, fruit, bread, waffles, bagel, eggs, etc. (different things everyday and always with fruit)]

    10am milk/nap

    12pm lunch (example) sandwich, veggies, cheese, etc.

    3pm snack

    4pm milk

    5:30pm dinner

    7pm milk/bed

    In between he gets some water for thirst and at lunch and dinner, some watery juice in a sippy.

    Maybe you should vary her diet some more. Give her more type of different foods for each meal that way it varies each day.

    My son also has one bottle in the middle of the night.

    This is not a set schedule though, some days it varies, but this is an appriximate.

  • 4 years ago

    I remember my daughter going through that when she was that age. My dr. told me it might be night terrors. So i did something i will probably regret later. When i moved my daughter to a toddler bed i put it next to my bed. At first it started out as her getting adjusted to the new bed. But it helped with her sleeping. She stayed in her bed and slept all night. This might become a problem when i can afford a two bedroom apt. ha ha.

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    Why does she eat so many times a day? she isnt a infant any more. every 2 hours seems a little much but thats jus me and that may be the reason she will vomit...

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    well as i think i would maybe cut down on the apple or banana but i think every thing is OK

    im a docter thats why im telling you this

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