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Has anyone tried Its a spray, and I've been trying to find some "REAL" results from people who DO NOT work for the company to answer, did it work more
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You will grow exactly the same amount with or without Super Growth providing you get plenty of protein, calcium (milk) and zinc to help your destined normal growth. A deficiency can stunt your growth.
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  • Joseph L answered 6 years ago
    After my experience from using the 4 month's bottle, I have gained 2 inches. Which prove that the product works, it just works for some people not everyone! Although there are no risk at all for trying The only risk is that if it doesn't work for u then u waste ur money and I have to say if u wanna grow this is the best took me awhile to save up since I don't have a job. Oh wells next is 6 month supply.
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  • Angela Q answered 6 years ago
    An herbal supplement to make you grow taller? Sounds like a scam to me. Height is determined by genetics, in the absence of some kind of major malnutrition during formative years.
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  • S©O®P1AN answered 6 years ago
    Scam. Your wise for asking, don't fall for it.

    If you want to grow taller, their are som exercises you can do, stretching ect. Many books on the subject, also check out a forum, called grow taller.

    Other than that, supplement with a good multivitamin/mineral, that are in a bioavalable form, and omega 3 Carlson's brand, or Nordic Naturals. Do aerobic exercise, do not lift weights/weight training. Do Yoga.

    Supplement with DIM, Di-indole-methane, this has anti-oestrogen effect, some say it can prolong the time you have to grow.

    Hope this helps,
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  • Kayleigh & James answered 6 years ago
    Omg, That sounds like the biggest scam ever! Dont fall for it, Do you honestly think it can actually work, Look at it this way, If it really did work, It would be used all over the world!
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  • O answered 6 years ago
    Don't believe anything ever!!! EVERYONE lies to boost sales, ALWAYS!!!

    Just live your life and don't get caught up in any "learning" and "educating" that goes on... IT'S ALL LIES, even what's in our history books... LIES LIES LIES!!!

    Power hungry control freaks are manipulating us constantly. It's impossible not to be somehow affected by them.
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