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Great priced Lace Front Wigs?

Im really looking into getting a lace front wig.

Preferably under $600

But I want it in a fushia pink color.

Hair kinda like audrey kitchings.

I have looked around but most only offer natural colors :[

any help on finding a great place with pink colored wigs haha :]

oh and THEY HAVE TO BE lace front :]

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    I've order a 99J hair color lace wig from and they got the color perfect.

    They do custom wigs for people in the entertainment industry but also for the public too so if you want the fuschia color try them. They're not cheap.

    I paid 1200 for mine, but it looks real because it's made with their lux lace and human hair. If you get a 600 wig you'll get the other lace which people can see. I had two of those kinds before I went lux lace, and I will never go back. LOL!

    They are the only place I order from now, and I have 7 lace wigs and will add another this summer. LOL!!!

    Good luck and make sure you get something nice. Be picky! It's no fun if people can tell its a wig!

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