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What did you guys think of the prospects on HBO's Boxing after Dark??




I thought that Gamboa has alot of work to do to be one of the very best........not sure if i've seen a guy with worse defense then him........and to be quite honest he was quick/fast but it's not like he was the fastest guy i've seen...........and his punches were hard but I don't think i saw one KO punch..........he's pretty good, but didn't live up to the hype in my mind............I think against one of the best in the division he'll probably be in alot of trouble.

Angulo was damn tough........kinda reminded me of Margarito just constantly firing shots at his opponent...........I think he got to show just how tough he his in that fight.....

and well Kirkland just walked his guy down from the opening bell........about all I got out of his match was that he was very agressive and his opponent looked pretty scared by the way he acted in the ring..........

What do you guys think of these 3 prospects that were showcased on the show??

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  • 1 decade ago
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    James Kirkland- He looked very stong and fought with a killer instinct, but I would like to now see him in with a top 10 guy who can stand up to his punches. Emerosele Albert was decent, but he was no world beater; if Kirkland can maintain his attacking style when his opponent isn't going down, then we will see if he can go far.

    Alfredo Angulo- He fought a very good fight; even when he did get caught with a good shot, he stayed calm and came back to hurt his opponent. Richard Gutierrez was also a very stern test for him, and Angulo passed with flying colors. His power was shown to be very good in this fight and his handspeed wasn't bad either; I'd like to see him in against some more fringe contenders.

    Yuriorkis Gamboa- I though that it was a good performance from him. Other than the knockdown, he dominated the entire fight with his hands down and barely paid for it. Darling Jimenez was not the best in the division or anything like that, but he was a huge step up from the kind of guys that Gamboa had been facing previously. His power is pretty good (not great), his handspeed was very good, and his footwork was exceptional. Plus, he has only had 10 pro fights and he's already facing guys that you normally wouldn't face until you've had about 20 fights. After 10 fights, you are usually still facing journeymen with losing records. I would like to see more of him against similar competition or maybe even a bottom 10 contender for his next fight, but he is definatlely a hot prospect to look out for right now.

    Source(s): Just my opinion.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I liked Kirkland and Angulo. Gamboa is WAY overrated.

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