I Need Help With My Research Idea!!?

I want to do a research paper or project on Gamma Ray Burst using data gathered by the BATSE satellite, i got it off of their website. However, i need an idea of what to research or do as a project, and eventually i would like to enter the ISEF international science and engineering fair, and if you go to the ISEF website you can see some of the projects and see how complicated they are, I want mine to be good too. ANy ideas of what I could do?


by the way muahz, GRB's are the most interesting thing in the universe :), they will produce more energy in a few seconds than the sun will in its entire life! Ha HA :)

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    I saw a show last night. It was on Discovery or The History Channel I believe. Scientists discussed some of their greatest fears about a dooms day scenario. Gamma Ray Bursts were among the seven or so problems they addressed. If you could watch that show with special emphasis on the Gamma Ray Burst portion you might pickup an idea or two. I found the parts of it that addressed how the planet would die to be especially applicable to your project. The prospects of us being so unlucky as to receive such a fate is bone chilling. I hope you can find it and watch.

    Good luck on your research, I hope this helps.

    BTW, the explosions that generate these bursts are said to be the largest explosions the universe has seen since the big bang. So large that man can't even imagine them.

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    I saw the same thing Gimpaloma saw on the dooms day but like a while ago. I just finished my research paper too but mine was more interesting than gamma rays i had to write on a company & i chose Six Flags Inc =]. You better start writing.. & good luck.

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