after i remove the mirror from my bathroom wall will i have to replace the wall because of the damage done?

its a flat mirror glued to the wall. i want to remove it and i've figured out how to do that. but d.i.y. suggested that there might be terrible damage done to the wall and that it may need replacing. i don't have the skills or desire to do that. should i just leave well enough alone? i really want to hang nice mirrors over the sinks but its not worth having to replace walls. thank you.


its drywall. its the entire wall above the sink and i'd like to hang a smaller mirror. mayby i could do beadboard on the wall if there is a lot of damage.

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    Remove nail, screw, or whatever is connecting it to the wall. Then put drywall mudd/paste over the holes. After that paint over and good as new! Hope this helped =)

  • coachP
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    1 decade ago

    This depende on what kind of a wall you have behind the mirror. Old houses/apartments would have plaster walls. Fixing this kind of wall might be the easiest by using spackling compound over the damaged part. You can smooth the wall by lightly sanding it after the compound has dried. The other kind of wall on newer places would be dry wall. Dry wall would be difficult for you to fix if you're not experienced at this type of thing. Pulling the mirror off of dry wall would do damage. Dry wall has a paper outer coating, and you'd probably tear this paper off along with some of the sub-wall (part behind the paper). A large area like this would be difficult for you to fix. My suggestions for you would be, 1. leave well enough alone, and try to incorporate the present mirror into any decorating that you want to do. 2. Hire someone capable of taking the mirror off the wall and repairing the damage themselves. All of this probably isn't what you want to hear, but if you take that mirror off and can't fix what you've damaged on the wall, you might have bigger problems on your hands. Or 3. you could follow RickRock's suggestion above and replace the mirror with one that is bigger then the damage on the wall. Good luck.

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    My guess is the wall behind the mirror is not textured and the damage will be minimal. The drywall paper will tear but can be easily fixed with "mud". Also with a smooth wall behind, you could wallpaper a portion if you care to and help hide some of your repair work if it's less than perfect. Pick a coarse or textured wallpaper to hide the repairs behind them better.

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    your not going to have to replace the wall, just repair it, but why even repair it if your putting up a mirror that's going to cover the wall again.... unless the new mirror will not cover as much as before....if u want to repair the area then scrape all of the glue from the wall....then sand the wall to remove any loose paper.....using a 8 or 10 inch drywall knife, apply a few thin coats of drywall compound to the areas needed ( better to use thin coats as they will dry faster and easier to work then 1 thick coat

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  • 1 decade ago

    Just rip the old mirror off the wall & replace it with a mirror that is bigger than the damaged spot & you'll be good to go. Problem solved.

  • 3 years ago

    probability is, you are going to interrupt the tiles and mirror collectively as removing them. use a putty knife and artwork the sides and with a bit of luck, you may peel off the tiles and mirrors off the wall, unfavorable in straight forward terms the paper of the dry wall. there's no incorrect way, you will ought to sacrifice one for the different. stable success.

  • rxing
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    hve you thought of framing the mirror to give it an updates look.

    If you take a shim behind the mirror. carefully it should pop off get suction cup holds and 2 friends to help you.

  • 1 decade ago

    lazy guy trick.

    use mirrors big enough to cover the old spot.

    i doubt you would need to replace the wall, you would just need to Spackle and paint. i am assuming you mean a Sheetrock wall.

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