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Will Lufthansa allow me to bring a snap-n-go stroller + car seat to the gate?

I am traveling with an infant (4 months old) on an international flight with Lufthansa. The stroller we have is a stroller base + a car seat for the seat, so when it collapses, it is in 2 pieces: stroller and seat.

the base looks like this:

I called Lufthansa and they said the stroller needs to be an umbrella stroller, but most umbrella strollers are not meant for infants under 6 months because they provide so little support.

Some friends have suggested that Lufthansa will surely let me check the stroller + car seat, but I called them and the guy said you can only check a car seat OR a stroller at the gate. But frankly, when I tried to describe the snap-n-go stroller, I don't think he understood what I was talking about and thought I was somehow trying to get away with a full stroller and a full car seat, which is not the case (the stroller without the seat isn't really a stroller....)

Any Lufthansa experts out there?

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    I fly Lufthansa with my children a lot and I don't recall any problems with my baby gear. I flew with a similar contraption when my first was 4 months old on his first flight but I believe that time we were on another company.

    Tell them that you want to try to use the car seat on the plane in an empty seat, if you can manage one. Ask nicely at check-in. Make sure to have the seat's manual and look for the international U.N. approval symbol. Look on page 6;

    The FAA approval wont cut it since Lufty's German.

    I think when they see it, they wont give your problems. Certainly they wouldn't expect you to drag the car seat through the airport. Make sure you have a good baby carrier as a back-up, plus it makes travel easier. Avoid front packs like the Bjorn and get something comfortable and useful. My sling made flying with a baby infinitely easier!

    Bring a bungee cord to double secure the Snap-n-Go so that it wont get damaged by popping open en route. Make sure the tags they put on it wont be squished and/or hidden when it closes. Both your seat and your frame are very small so I doubt anyone will bother to waste time bugging you on this issue.

    Don't forget to ask which door to find your Snap-n-Go when you exit.

    About 8 years ago, I wrote an article for a local newsletter on the subject of flying with children. Later on, I put it on a blog to share with other parents who in turn gave me tips from around the world. It's based on both my professional and personal experience and totally non-commercial.

    Feel free to check out;

    Have a good flight!

    Source(s): ex-Flight Attendant, 13 years, 2 companies 3 children ages 8, 6 & 4 flying since each was 4 months old between Europe and California about twice a year, plus other flights...
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    yes i think they will ive traveled with lufthansa 2 times

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