What Is It With TBS? Where are my Braves?

I can't take it anymore! Why can't I see the Atlanta Braves on TBS? What happened? I check the channel lineup for TBS 10:30 to 1:30 and I see this Boston versus Milwaukee game will be played! I don't care about them! Talk to me! Please?

If you're a Boston or Milwaukee fan and are upset that I don't care about them? I don't care that you're upset! (smiling )

As always ... Peaceful and Respectful answers are appreciated. Really! Alright ... go ahead and abuse me. I can take it. Thanks.


Thanks for your answers. I was just kidding about the Redsox and the Brewers. I like em' both! I love the Atlanta Braves and think it sucks not being able to watch them. Thanks.

Update 2:

I like Chip Carey! So there! I live in Las Vegas and it's just plain wrong! Now I have to buy a season package! Crap!

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    TBS rights to air Braves games expired last year, and I don 't know if there was a reason why TBS didn't re-new thier rights to broadcast thier games on a regular basis like before this season. Now they can still air Braves games on TBS, but not as often as they used to, so you don't have to watch TBS anymore, but keep checking your local listings to see if they will air a game in the future.

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    I can careless because They lost the Exclusive Rights Because TBS is a National Station Not a Local station, That's why If you don't live in Atlanta you'll miss out Sorry.

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    I know!

    I miss it like last year, every day or so there would be a Braves game..AND I'M NOT EVEN A BRAVES FAN!

    I just used to always watch them,and it's weird not doing so.

    For some reason,they blacked it out.

    Although that's not that bad if you think of it as you don't have to hear Chip Carey that much anymore!!

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    In exchange for getting part of the postseason casting rights, and to pave the way for the Baseball Channel in 2009, MLB convinced TBS to cut way back on Braves casts.

    This is not your father's TBS Superstation.

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    1. TBS is owned by the Time Warner Broadcasting, which is owned by Ted Turner, which would did own the Braves,


    2. He doesn't own the Braves no more, It is Liberty Media and John Malone.

    Go Brewers

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    The Braves are found of Turner South, FSN (on Wednesdays), and Peachtree TV, which is in Georgia.

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    They lost the exclusive rights to the Braves, after the Braves became a big name and MLB's greed..

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    1 decade ago

    TBS no longer has exclusive rights to Braves games. It's like the Cubs and WGN. Welcome to the future of televised baseball. Good luck finding them.

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    this was well documented last fall that the station was changign and chaning to become a network type station, so that is the loss of the local stuff.

    sorry but it happens.

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    Try FSN, FOX, ESPN, OR SPSO.......

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