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Should I trade James Shields for Brian Wilson and Dustin Mcgowan?

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    no way man Sheilds is an absolute monster and mcgowan is horrible only way u should do the trade is if u can get a top tier closer for sheilds, and thats if u have nobody who gives u saves

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    If you really need saves and have another starter like Shields, then do it. Shields does have the chance to turn into an ace, though. Also, be careful about Wilson. He's pitching for a team who's offense is questionable, so he could go through long stretches without saves. Plus, it's his first full year as a closer, so no one knows if he can make it through a season mentally as a closer. Personally, I wouldn't if Shields was my best pitcher and I'd keep my eyes open on the waivers (Closers change, look at STL for example already this year)

  • komula
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    4 years ago

    the two a variety of trades are terrible deals for you. yet while had to make a determination from the two i might choose the elsbury one, b/c he's flat out greater helpful than stephen drew & ought to rack up a lot of steals that's a weakpoint on your team suitable now.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    if you need sv's then yes, other than that dont do it

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    no way

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