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Are Smart Cars electric?

Ok, so, I REALLY like those Smart Cars. They're actually protective because it has like, roll cage bars around it.

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    I really like SMART cars, too. They aren't electric, but have very small engines and obviously are light weight so the mileage is great. They do seem to be constructed with safety in mind, ( there IS a safety cage incorporated into the car, just as you mentioned) and only seat two people. I first saw them in Europe myself where they make so much sense because of traffic and parking issues. I can't wait for them to become mainstream here, it can't happen too soon in my opinion! If you're thinking of one, I say Go For It! Lead the way to a better world!

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    The Smart car i a 3 cylinder Turbo diesel engine! Unless it`s a Smart car from Brabus then it is a 4cylinder gas engine!

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    Nope. Gasoline, and the mileage isn't quite as great as you'd imagine. They're mostly considered fashion accessories in Europe, where they've been around for years now.

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    in canada, their diesel, and their one of the most fuel efficient cars available here.

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    no...and the milage is not so great... they r tiny...regular size hondas.toyotas..even chevy and fords have better

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    no they arn't

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