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when people say eat 5-6 meals a day for guy whose trying to get ripped etc..what are those meals?

im 19..i workout everyday..cardio twice a week..lift weights 3-4 days a week..if im supposed to eat 5-6 what should i eat...n when should i eat..n how much should i eat..lets a diet for a ripped me out here...should theyre be fruits for a wht kinda clueless here..

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    Lots of protein, and when you eat carbs, make them complex carbs (whole grains, nuts - especially almonds). Eat healthy low carb, low sugar meals, and your "in-between" meals should be a protein shake, or a piece of fruit and a cheese stick, or a cup of yogurt and some almonds. Drink about 16 oz. of water at each meal, too.

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    First and formost you need to consume at least 30grams of protein per meal along with this you need a good choice of fruit or vegetables try to avoid processed carbs.

    these portions should be moderate in size

    You should eat at least every 3 hours.

    Do this and you will be ripped in no time and function better both mentally and physically.



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    it can be the same meals that you would eat normally just split them up why they say to do that is because your digestion is like a fire if you feed a fire to fast it smothers it if you feed it slow it burns hot and you have more energy

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    then it has to be healthy meals

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    portein and calories

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