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Oblivion Guilds...?

Please help me.... how do i join

The mage guild

dar brotherhood

thieves guild

the arena guild

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    To join the Mages Guild you need to speak to any one of the seven guild hall leaders in order to Join the Mages Guild. To gain access to the Arcane University you must earn recommendations from all guild leaders.

    To join the Dark Brotherhood you must murder someone. If you want to join and have yet to kill anyone, you must murder an innocent citizen. Upon killing a citizen, whether or not you were detected, a message will appear saying, "Your killing has been observed by forces unknown...." The next time you sleep in a "safe location," a message will appear saying, "The air grows chill and a shadow approaches...." You will then be woken by Lucien Lachance, a Speaker of the Dark Brotherhood. He will offer you membership and describe what you must do to be accepted.

    All you need to really do to join the Thieves Guild is hear the topic "The Gray Fox", or reading one of the wanted posters is enough. You can then simply show up at the Garden of Dareloth around midnight, and they'll let you join. You may need to first increase Armand Christophe's disposition.

    To join the Arena, speak to Owyn the Blademaster in the bloodworks. You will always become a member of the Blue Team

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