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How big does the tank need to be to keep three Axolotls (Mexican Walking Fish)?

Well my birthdays coming up and I currently have two axolotls and want to upgrade it to three. I would need a new tank though because the one I have can only hold two. So how big does the tank need to be. Please give it to me like this:

60 cm long

30 wide

30 tall

Thanks so much!

- Matt

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    I'm sorry if these linear measurements aren't commercially available, but in all the time I've spent setting up an aquarium I've dealt with capacity in gallons. I've had axolotls, tiger salamanders and newts. The larger salamanders and axolotls seemed okay with about five to ten gallons of capacity per animal as they don't seem to harrass each other much. In your case I'd go with a twenty gallon fish tank about two thirds full with plenty of rocks and hiding spots. As far as dimensions, if you're building a tank, you can be creative. This is noly an estimate, but something like 60cm long, 45cm wide, and 30cm tall ought to be about right. This will give you space for anything you might like to add, such as a couple of fish or plants. A little less won't hurt, but neither will more. You want to give them as much room as you can. Good luck with this, those are great pets.

    EDIT: That's about ten gallons. You're getting close to the limit with three in there. I don't know what else you have in your tank like rocks and plants, so you'll just have to use your judgment as far as space. You're probably ok for now, but try to upgrade to a larger tank when you can afford to. My axolotls seemed to like staking out a part of the aquarium to hang around. That required a bit of space between them. Watch them and see how they behave. If they crawl on each other much or bother each other, you need a bigger tank. My rule of thumb is ten gallons for every six inches of fish/amphiban. So if you have three six inch axolotls, you need thirty gallons. You're ok with a smaller tank but you won't see a full range of behavior and could risking extra stress on the pets. I think 'm being a little too complicated, so I'll just say that the bigger, the better. Animals like plenty of space. By the way, if you need to contact me again, you're free to send me a message on my profile.

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