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我們選擇這張照片來作研究。搶包山這個傳統活動是來自太平清醮(節日) 。它是當地人酬神謝恩的一種盛大祭祀儀式-為了祈求潔淨、國泰民安。其實太平清醮的起源有幾個版本,而以下是其中一些版本:

一. 因當時有許多人死於瘟疫,然後有一名惠州(陸豐)的男子向北帝祈求,冀望瘟疫會停止,其他居民也陸續加入了他的禱告,最後瘟疫真的停止了,為了答謝神恩,於每年都會有祭祀的儀式舉行。

二. 當北帝開始成為島上的守護神,是在19世紀晚期─當受到瘟疫衝擊的時期。那時,一個陌生人自稱是北帝的使者,他坐在放了刀片的座位上,手臂和腳都置放在刀片上,然後瘟疫神奇地平息了,但當他離去的時候,疫病又再次出現;於是人們再向北帝祈求,以滅疫病。為了祈求國泰民,再沒有瘟疫,所以每年都會有祭祀的儀式舉行。

三. 長洲太平清醮相傳已有二百年歷史,據說在明朝已有人居住的長洲,是理想的漁民聚居地,曾有「小金山」之稱譽。有一年島上曾發生一場嚴重的大瘟疫,死傷慘重,村民驚恐萬分,於是向北帝廟的北方真武玄天上帝及島上諸神求助,並且得到北帝的指示:請高僧設壇拜祭,超渡水陸孤魂,並奉神遊行街道,瘟疫果然消失了!至瘟疫停止後,居民為了謝神恩,所以在每年農曆四月上旬或中旬擇日舉行「太平清醮」。為了防止再發生瘟疫及酬謝神恩,村民便每年都到北帝廟杯卜舉行太平清醮,隆重舉辦。據說居民為了酬謝神恩,便扮成神祇在大街上遊行驅趕瘟神,其後每年舉行,成為現在一年一度的太平清醮。


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    We choose this picture to do the research. Snatches Bao Shanzhei the

    tradition activity is peaceful comes from clear to ferment (holiday).

    It is the native repays one kind of grand sacrificial offering

    ceremony which the god thanks for kindness shown - in order to

    implore, the peaceful country and safe people purely. Actually

    peaceful clear ferments the origin has several editions, but below is

    some editions:

    1. At that time because had many people to die of the plague, then had

    a Huizhou's (abundantly land) the man implored to the northern

    emperor, to hope the plague to be able to stop, other inhabitants one

    after another have also joined his prayer, the final plague really

    stopped, in order to thank the god graciousness, could have the

    sacrificial offering to every year the ceremony hold.

    2. When north the emperor starts to become on the island the patron

    god, is in 19th century later periods - when receives the time which

    the plague attacks. The at that time, a stranger calls self is north

    emperor's messenger, he sat on has put on the bit seat, the arm and

    the foot all placed on the bit, then the plague mysteriously has

    subsided, but when he departed, the epidemic disease appeared once

    more; Thereupon the people implore again to the northern emperor,

    extinguishes the epidemic disease. In order to implore the country

    peaceful people, again does not have the plague, therefore every year

    can have the sacrificial offering the ceremony hold.

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    3. The long continent peaceful clear ferments hands down had 200 years history, it is said in Ming Dynasty already the long continent which some people lives, is the ideal fisherman lives together, once had "small Jinshan" praising.

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    On some year island once had a serious big plague, the casualty serious, the villagers were panic-stricken extremely, thereupon Zhu Shen sought help to on the northern emperor temple north god of the north Daoist deity and the island north, and obtained emperor's instruction:

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    Asks the eminent monk to erect an altar does obeisance offers a sacrifice to, ultra crosses the amphibious solitary person, and presented the god parade street, the plague really vanishes! Stops after the plague,

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    inhabitant for Xie Shenen, therefore at the beginning of April or the middle ten days 擇日 hold "peaceful clear ferments" in every year lunar calendar. In order to prevent again has the plague and reward god graciousness,

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    the villagers then every year peaceful clear ferments to the northern emperor temple cup divination hold, grandly conducts. It is said the inhabitant in order to reward the god graciousness, then plays the role of Cheng Shen? to parade on the avenue drives away the god of plague,

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    the hereafter holds every year, becomes now the once a year peace clear to ferment. But actually is that edition really, has not been able to confirm to the present.

    可能有D 特別d 的字 翻譯 唔到 請原諒

    因為字太多 要分開幾次上載 sor

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