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故事簡介 of The Magician's Nephew ( English )

簡單地敘述魔法師的外甥的故事簡介,要英文,最好加埋感想! ( 50-100 words )好急,勁急,超急.... 麻煩哂 ! 唔該!

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    The Magician’s Nephew

    Uncle Andrew and the study vanished and Digory could feel himself rushing through empty space. He felt as though he was under water, an idea which frightened him. He felt himself rushing upward just before he emerged from a small pool. He rose to his feet and looked around, noticing that there were trees everywhere and other small pools, similar to the one he had just come out of. The place had a doping effect on Digory. He did not want to think of Uncle Andrew, Polly or anything else. He spots a young girl, lying near a tree, apparently halfway between sleeping and waking.


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    The reader is left in no doubt about the precise social class of each of the English characters, but with no implication that this matters to God.

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