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題目是:Unforgettable Memory (難忘的回憶)



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    Unforgettable Memory

    My most unforgettble memory is the 921 earthquake.

    When the earquake occurred, I was sleeping. First, I thought I was dreaming about riding a mountain bike. Then, I heard screams from another building. I could fel that my bed rocked and rolled like a cradle. And then, some books on the bookself fell down on the ground and make big noises. When I heard the noises, I realized that the earthquake was real. It was not a dream. After I knew the situation, I was totally scared. I guessed more books had fallen off the bookself because of more noises. I could also sense the earthquake became more severe, as it was not just shaking horizontally, but also up and down. Everything just happened in a very short period of time. I guessed not more than 60 seconds. Because I could sense the danger, I decided to get up and run out of the building for my life. However, although I tried very hard to move my legs, it did not work. My mind worked well but my body would not cooperate. Maybe, still, my body regarded the earthquake was only part of my dream and ignored it. To be honest, I never had such an experience in my life. I was totally scared. After that, I heard more screams and noises on the street. People run out of their buildings. Then, I tried to move my legs again. It worked this time. So, I run at the quickest speed as I could.

    During that night, I did not have a gut to enter the house again. Many people just stayed on streets for the night. Next morning, I read newspaper and realized how severe the earthquake had been.

    It is truely the most unforgettable memory in my life.

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