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  • 婷婷
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    1 decade ago
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    Origin of the name of the place

    Goddess of Mercy of stone starts to have Goddess of Mercy townships. It is surnamed residents on the way to cultivation that the legend was yellow in the past, collect and obtain a natural stone image and look like Goddess of Mercy, because call that Goddess of Mercy of stone. The universe drought rain, pestilence walk crosswise all the year round at this moment, common people sufferings, Goddess of Mercy supernatural mark make its presence or power felt, on resident is it emerge the sweet spring water office, Goddess of Mercy of stone, to collect, take and does not exhaust, the pestilence disappears with it, it is to build the temple and sacrifice that residents remember supernatural kindness with gratitude, call village, Goddess of Mercy of stone, on village its, namely Goddess of Mercy origin, township of name.

    Goddess of Mercy of today township status becoming important easily accessible, industry and commerce developed, positive planning great public engineering construction of home town, development is visited, striven for the enterprise group and planned the large-scale scientific and technological garden, improve the medical culture of academy, make Goddess of Mercy become " township that hopes " of the peach garden.

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  • 1 decade ago

    The geographic name origin has the stone Goddess of Mercy beginning to

    have the Goddess of Mercy township. Fable before has a yellow surname

    inhabitant to the cultivation on the way, ascends to attain a natural

    statue to apparent the Goddess of Mercy, because calls it the stone

    Goddess of Mercy. When Si the elder drought rain, the plague do not

    run amuck, the common people hardship, the Goddess of Mercy god mark

    manifests a spirit, ascends to the inhabitant to attain the stone

    Goddess of Mercy place to emerge 甘泉, uses does not use up, the

    plague disappears along with it, the inhabitant thinks of gratefully

    the god graciousness is constructs the temple sacrificial offering, Yu

    Ch'izhuang calls the stone Goddess of Mercy village, namely origin of

    the Goddess of Mercy township name.

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