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A Stolen Cello


One day, Melanie Stevens was on the way to work in Los Angeles. She spied a cell beside a trash can. Melanie decided to take it home so her boyfriend, a furniture maker, could turn it into a cabinet to hold CDs.

A few days later, Melanie saw a TV news report about a stolen cello. It had been stolen from the home of the lead cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. It was worth 3.5 million dollars. ”That’s a lot of money for a CD cabinet!” thought Melanie. She returned the cello immediately.

Why was the stolen cello worth so much money? It was made in 1684 by Antonio Stradivari, one of the great instrument makers of history. It was one of only 60 cellos that he even made. Other prominent cello makers include Andrea Amati and Giovanni Guadagnini. They carefully crafted their musical instruments by hand so that their cellos would make the most beautiful sounds possible.

In the nineteenth century, people began to make mass-produced cellos instead of crafting them individually by hand. These cellos were more economical to make, but they didn’t sound as beautiful as the old cellos. In the middle of the twentieth century, wealthy people began to old hand-crafted instruments as investments. Back then, they were worth $2,500 to $40,000. Today they are worth millions.

Great musicians want to play great instruments. Han-na Chang, for example, plays a Guadagnini that was made in 1757. To make beautiful music you need a beautiful instrument.

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    某天Melanie Stevens在他去紐約工作的路上,她在路旁的垃圾桶發現個大提琴. Melanie決定帶它回去所以他的男朋友一個在家具店工作的人,可以帶它回去製作CD

    幾天後, Melanie從電視報導看到了個有關從一個紐約的愛好管弦樂隊的領導著的家被偷了一個大提琴,那價值350萬"一是一筆龐大的錢對音樂製作人"Melanie一想到這,便立刻把大提琴環回去了.

    為什麼那個被偷的大提琴那麼值錢?那是Antonio Stradivari的在1684年製作的,是一個具有樂器作者歷史的,那是他製作的60個大提琴中的其中一個,其他傑出的製作家還有Andrea Amati 和 Giovanni Guadagnini,他們手工的細膩樂器製作技巧將可以發出美妙的聲音

    在19世紀時,人們開始大量的製作大提琴替代手工藝,那樣製作的出來的大提琴便宜很多,但卻沒有老大提琴那樣的聲音,在20世紀中期,有錢人開始投資在古老手工藝樂器上,當時,它們(大提琴)價值2500元至4萬元. 今日他們價值百萬.

    好的音樂家想要彈奏好的樂器.Han-na Changm,做為舉例,用的是Guadagnini製作於1757年的大提琴. 彈奏出美妙的音樂需要的美妙的樂器.

    Source(s): 凡~剛當機重打一次~”~有省略到我不管啦~意思懂就好~
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    the lead cellist of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra



    應作: "洛杉磯愛樂大提琴首席"

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