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本研究在教材發展之前,首先透過文獻探討了解維基系統概念與其在教育上的應用,結合「協同創作」、「知識分享」和「資訊素養」精神內涵,並考量本學區學童的電腦使用態度狀況是否影響學習成效,依據ADDIE Model系統化教學設計模式訂定教學目標與編寫教學方案,並實際進行實驗教學。最後藉由平台學習歷程、成就測驗和學習滿意度問卷等量表工具,觀察學生學習情形,評估未來是否適合繼續應用於各領域教學上。






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    In recent years network application science and technology evolution emphasized increasingly the interaction, the initiative participation and the sharing spirit, each people all can free create the video and music and the writing in the network platform, facilitates each thought or the creativity can transmit and the exchange rapidly, forms the multi-dimensional knowledge culture.Multi-dimensional knowledge state in network massive accumulation, further deducts for knowledge sharing, the knowledge inheritance.The researcher stands by this viewpoint in pedagogue's standpoint, by way of the literature review discovery, the Vicky system is the application “the coordination creation”, “the knowledge share” in the education domain the quite successful example.Only is the object of study mostly by the country mesozoic above primarily, in order to understand the country young schoolchildren use the Vicky system to accept, this research will develop a set of Vicky system education and training teaching material take the country young schoolchild as the object, and will discuss the country young schoolchild to use degree of satisfaction of the this teaching material.

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    This research before teaching material development, if first penetrates the literature discussion to understand the Vicky system concept in the education application,

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    the union “the coordination creation”, “the knowledge share” and “the information accomplishment” the energetic connotation, and considers this school district schoolchild's computer use manner condition whether affects the study result

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    systematization teaching design pattern subscribes based on ADDIE the Model decides the teaching goal and the compilation teaching plan, and actual carries on the experimental teaching.

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    Finally because of platform meter tools and so on study course, achievement test and study degree of satisfaction questionnaire, observes the student to study the situation, appraised whether the future will suit continues to apply in various domains teaching.

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    This research conclusion is as follows:

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    (1) Vicky system writing situation: Some 70% student in the unit work project achieved completely the anticipated teaching goal, i.e. expressed the majority students regarding the Vicky system education and training operational teaching material content, have the study result.

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    (2) study result aspect: The schoolchild is good in the achievement test performance, only some three to 40% schoolchild in form edition grammar part score not too ideal.

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    (3) study degree of satisfaction aspect: Some 90% schoolchild holds to the right at least the surface agreement view, indicated the Vicky system education and training teaching material and the teaching activity obtains the most country young schoolchild support and the approval.

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    (4) computer manner aspect: Schoolchild's computer use manner and the study result and the not remarkable difference, indicated the computer manner and the schoolchild study the Vicky system teaching material study result to be not remarkable are connected.

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