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Are there sharks in the Gulf of Mexico!?

--that would attack me? Earlier today i was swimming, far away from a port located in Kemah. We had life preservers on and would be pulled along by the boat. Is there a chance a shark could have attacked us!? At some points we would lose grip and be stranded in the water alone, until the boat came back (less than 5mins alone)

on this map-it shows you where we were-on the red dot labeled as Kemah. But we weren't that far out from the land, just in that little section which is not entirely, but somewhat closed off from the Gulf.


The deepest water we encountered would have been 12-15 ft.

Update 2:

We didn't have a guide- it was my brothers boat

Update 3:


So your saying you think it would be safe for me to swim in the water near Kemah again?? Is there anything in that water that would attack me??

ps. i'm too nervous to drive on 145- i have my friends drive if i need to get on a highway.

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    Sharks are found in any (salt water) body of water throughout the world including the Gulf of Mexico and on occassion in fresh water such as portions the Amazon River and Lake Nicaragua.They seldom bother humans.I live in Galveston and see them frequently in the water there.I have been surfing and diving all my life and have never had any problems or close calls.The chances of being in a serious automobile accident are at least a hundred times greater than being bit by a shark but I'll bet you don't think twice about getting in a car and jumping on I45 to Houston.

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    It's pretty unlikely near Kemah (which is in a bay) - very shallow waters there. Just small nurse sharks and such. There hasn't been a fatal attack in the greater Galveston area since 1911.

    There ARE sharks in the Gulf of Mexico, though.

    Jellyfish are a much bigger problem in that area - but usually on the other side of Galveston island - probably not as much in the bay.

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    Sharks live in the salt water bodies of water all over the world. They attack when they decide to. This is usually triggered by something in the water that they want to eat. Yes it is possible. Probable I doubt it. Ask your guide.

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    All very sturdy web content you have been reported here, yet I additionally decide for to ask you to make a journey to the library of your community college/college and to seek for out a classic e book which will assist you to on your analyze: Jose Castro "The Sharks of North American Waters"(Texas A&M college Press, 1983).

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    Warm water..gonna have sharks, yes.

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    Yes their are sharks there, I have seen them, only small ones though.

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    sure!.-....... sharks arent racist!... they come to mexico too!

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    yea duh

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