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Which skateboard is the best???

Okay so I want to put together a custom board, but I'm having a little trouble deciding what to get (Let me know what's your opinion of best and what won't hurt my wallet too much either):

BTW, I'm mainly going to be using my board to get around, but I do plan to do some tricks from time to time (However, transportaion is the main thing with this board for me.)

O, and if custom is too expensive should i just go for a complete board? (would they be cheaper?)


Almost, Foundation, Zero, LIB Tech, Powell, Plan B, Habitat, Girl, Roadkill Skaters, Baker


Tensor, Independent, Phantom, Thunder


Bones, Spitfire, Ricta, Vert, Darkstars, just plain 100% Urethane Blanks


Bones Reds, ???

The exact specifications I'm looking for are: 32-32.5" x 7.5-7.75" deck - 4.74-5.0" trucks (md height) - 55mm & 99a wheels - ABEC 3 bearings

Also, anything on grip tape?

Thanks for your answers... I really do appreciate them.

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    I would go with the site called CCS. Im pretty sure you have heard of it. there setups come complete at around 120 and if you want better parts then the upgrade the part like trucks lets say would only be a 5- 15 dollar increase in price. its pretty much a custom complete. Copy the link to go to the site. Hope this helps.

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    deck - plan b. its mad (lol) good for tricks. it doesn't really matter what deck you get for riding, its all in the trucks and wheels. uhh i have a 7.5 they flip so awesomely.

    trucks - destructos. theyre good.

    wheels - spitfires are really smooth. so if your going to ride a lot, they'll feel great under your feet

    bearings - bones reds. pretty fast. the fastest affordable bearings. just be sure you know how to stop on a skateboard if your going to be riding most of the time.

    grip tape - i hate grip tape that really sticks to your feet. also, grip tape like that tears your shoes faster. i recommend dress-up. its usually free with the board anyhow, unlike some other griptapes.

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    If it was my own setup, I would choose...

    Mini Logo decks. (They are blank decks but good)

    Thunder trucks. (Light, strong and good for beginning)

    Blank wheels. (Half the price of branded ones, but good)

    Bones Reds bearings. (The best quality at the best price)

    Get any cheap hardware and/or risers.

    This setup is about $110. By the way, Bones Reds don't have ABEC ratings, you can't really trust these ratings too much. For griptape, I'm using Black Magic now, I've read that it causes less friction than other griptapes, maybe true but your shoes are going to rip anyways.

    After you get better and all, you can try Independent trucks, they're my favourites. A custom usually are at better quality than completes, they don't have much difference in cost but it's better to go custom, better quality.

    Good luck!

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    I agree with Banana 12. Get a wave board or a ripstick. They are a lot faster and easier to get around with. But if you want a skateboard, do not get a custom board. Too expensive. Get a Baker Deck Board. And then get wheels larger than usual, they help you go a lot faster if they are bigger.

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    forget skateboards! get a wave board man! Wave boards rule!

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