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can somebody please explain to me the Iran-Contra Affair?

i know it involves Iran,Iraq,US,Isreal,Oliver North,Reagen,Guns, and Drugs

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    The Sandinistas were Marxist rebels who overthrew the Nicaraguan government (an authoritarian regime) in the early 1980s. Congress enacted the Boland Amendment in the mid-1980s, which prohibited the U.S. government from funding the contras, who were anti-Marxist rebels fighting against the Sandinista government in Nicaragua. The Reagan administration sold weapons to the Iranian government and funneled the money to the contras. This scheme was illegal, and Congress investigated it. Some people, i.e. North and Admiral John Poindexter (who were staffers at the National Security Council for the Reagan administration), got in a lot of trouble as a result, but that was about as far as it went. Much later, the Sandinistas had real elections and were defeated at the polls. Ironically, Daniel Ortega, the Sandinista leader, has been elected president of Nicaragua.

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    Congress had surpassed a regulation banning the US from investment terrorism. So the NSA/CIA offered hands to Iran collectively as Iran grow to be protecting itself in an aggressive conflict began by potential of Iraq with the help and diplomatic hide of the US. They then took a number of the money they have been given from that to fund the contra's a terrorist team created by potential of the US with the purpose of overthrowing the democratically elected government of Nicaragua. So government companies broke the regulations of the US, they hadn't bothered to tell the president whose activity it extremely is needless to say to uphold the regulations of the US. this is such an important area of the presidential activity that when Bush snr got here into ability he pardoned everyone and everybody who were in touch which contain people who were indicted yet no longer yet got here upon accountable. by the way, the US terror marketing campaign against Nicaragua brought about the US vetoing a UN determination which reported that "All worldwide places ought to obey worldwide regulation" As they have been in breach of it themselves, repeatedly. The Nicaraguan human beings elected their determination of government two times earlier studying the lesson that the only way they'd end US terrorism grow to be balloting for whoever the US needed in ability. and you nonetheless get human beings thinking why quite some something of the international despises them.

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    iran and iraq were having a war. originally the us was behind iran because they had installed a pro-western dictator, the shah. then the islamic revolution happened and the shah was deposed and the us switched to iraq. however, the us continued selling arms to iran even though they were backing iraq (which was led by saddam hussein at the time). the us was also supplying iraq with chemical and biological weapons technology to iraq which hussein used on iran.

    the revenue generated from arms sales to iran was used to fund nicaraguan rebels fighting the communist sandanistas. ollie north was the main architect of this whole plan. reagan was president at the time and was probably clueless, as he was about most things.

    when all this came to light congress got very upset and demanded an inquiry. several million dollars went missing and unaccounted for and most speculate that it ended up in ollie north's pocket.

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    Democrats have been whining about this for twenty years of more. It is some deal that went down and no one knows for sue but libs has conservatives and it continues to be a story for them only.

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