help with ssi/ssd?

ok people, i need your help. i found out in oct. that i have RA. we have been going to dr.'s, getting test after test done, and loots of blood drawn(glad i have a steadt supply) well, the bills are geting outrageous. between the dr. visits, and the meds. now my dr. told me he wants me to work no more than 12 hours a week. i am having problems with the RA. cant seem to get it under control. i was told to see if i could qualify for medical aide. well, i filled out the app, and was told i have to file for ssi/ssd, since 2 of my dr.'s said i was temperaly disabled for a year. (i dont understand that part) how hard is it to do that? i live in pa if that helps any.

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    Hi there Miss Della!! Well, it looks like you and I keep having more and more in common!! I also have RA, and have had it for years. I feel your pain, trust me!! I live in Mo. so I don't know the laws for your state. Your Dr. will have to claim you an certain % disabled, and friend of mine is 40%. How they determine the amount your're entitled, I have no idea. But, I bet one of the best places you could go for answers is a RA support group!! You'd be surprised how much information and tips you can get there. And they all understand what you're going through also!! So, find one in your area, and give it a try!! Let me know how you're doing! I just started rituxan (yuk!) and had an MRI this week. Hang in there girlfriend!!!!

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    You could go to their website..I think it's

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