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why and all mammals swim by instinct and humans can only swim by instinct when they are babies?

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    Animals with lungs have an easier time floating than those without. Almost all mammals can swim by instinct, including bats, kangaroos, moles and sloths. The few exceptions include apes and possibly giraffes and porcupines.

    Humans do not swim instinctively, but they feel attracted to water and show a broader range of swimming movements then other non-aquatic animals

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    Can All Mammals Swim

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    Good question , and all the answers will be based upon theory.

    Instincts are non-learned behaviors inherited from past generations imprinted in the organisms DNA. Instincts have survival value for lower forms of life who who can't figure things out for themselves, so to speak. Mating behavior, migration, identifying natural enemies, building a web,are just a few forms of instinctual behavior. As you ascend the phylogenetic tree, higher animals depend less upon instincts and more upon learned behaviors, and decisions based upon past experience.

    Therefore, any instincts in humans are subject to conjecture.

    The use of the word in humans is humans is frequently misused: for example, a ball player has good instincts, or someone has a fatal instinct; really? As far as survival instinct

    is concerned, how do you explain suicide? Even a dumb animal wouldn't do that!

    Humans rely mainly upon learning because of their well developed cerebral cortex. Some behaviors thought to be instinctual in humans are: Newborns know how to suck (for nutrition in mother's milk) and grasp. Newborns and babies

    will display what appears to be a "walking "behavior, and as

    you mentioned, an ability to swim. Some of these instincts, if this is what they are, are lost as time passes, and relearned later.

    This topic is also studied in the realm of psychology; you might want to redirect this same question in YA, "psychology."

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    It's just that we think we have to learn how to swim - that stops us being able to do it naturally, without thinking about it. A friend of mine who had never learned to swim fell off a boat into deep water, and hey presto, she started swimming! She swam back to the boat and was fine. When your life is actually in danger your animal instincts take over and do what's necessary. We only THINK we can't swim if we've never 'learned' how.

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    We DO immediately be taught thinks. We be taught the thank you to stroll needless to say, we cry, suck, swallow, strengthen hand eye coordination, etc. we do not know the thank you to talk immediately by using fact it extremely is quite a luxurious element, to have the ablilty to talk. it extremely is what instruments us different than for a canines or a monkey. We use good judgment and strengthen brian ability that makes us exceed the animal kingdom intelligently. whilst grow to be the final time you observed a conversing pigeon or a turtle writing? or any animal partaking in an prepared game?? :D

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    Very interesting question. I really don't know the answer but I think humans are to use their brains to learn every thing.

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    All mammals can't swim. Rhinos and giraffes cannot.

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