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What does Canada mean to you?

what do u think is the best thing about canada adn why do you love it?


why does it mean so much to you??

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    Canada is more than Avril Lavigne and Maple Leafs

    Canada is about freedom, equality for everyone, a fair and tolerant society...

    Canada means hope, and means home, I love Canada because it's a country that if you love, it loves u back, unlike some other countries. It is great to live in Canada and canadians are great people

    Canada means enjoying every single season, it means being tolerant and human

    It also means to speak english or french

    One of the best things about Canada are the canadians !!

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    Maple Trees

    Maple Syrup


    Tulip Festival

    Terry Fox

    Quebec Carnival

    Calgary Stampede

    Rocky Mountains

    Niagara Falls

    TaKaKa Falls

    Great Lakes

    Norman Bethune



    Trivial Pursuit


    Cabot Trail

    Newfoundland Screech

    Labatt's and Molson's

    Golden Prairies

    The Laurentian Mountains

    The Mighty St. Lawrence

    Fearless Mohawks (you gotta see them at work on skyscrapers! Amazing)

    This could go on forever

    Did I say Home?

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    Canada is one of the most respected countries in the world. When Canadians travel, people are willing to help them because they are so polite in the first place. You can't be angry at a Canadian for long.

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    Canada means alot to me

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    i was born in the us but the majority of my family hails from Canada. my mom had citizenship in both countries. my grandma and grandpa came from there my aunt Doris still lives in London Ontario. my grandparents lived in sarnia. i would love to go back some day.

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    Icehockey and, and...hhhrrrmm Anne of Green Gables

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    Well - we have poutines, and butter tarts and Nanimo Bars and Corner Gas. Oh - coloured money. That's an added bonus.

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