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What's the most money you've won on a lottery ticket?

For me, it was $200.

And naturally, I took $30 of the $200 to buy a ton more tickets...and walked away from that with $10. LOL.

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    I WON 2500.00 on a state lotto i had 5 numbers needed 6 was 2 numbers off of winning 20 million

  • Debra
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    Iv won $500 on a state raffle (i paid $20 for the ticket) and i won $50 from a $2 scratch off. I have bought about 5 $20 scratch offs and lost every time. But my friend played a $20 scratch off and won $1000. Now i have another raffle ticket for $20 and the grand prize is you get $1000 a week for life and 10 people win $50000. but like 300000 tickets are sold. i live in mich.. draw date= june 22nd

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    I most I have ever won was 20 bucks and that was a ticket I bought on my bday a couple of years ago. I never get lucky enough to win big money.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    $101, but that's after I spent about 50 on tickets LOL

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    $40 - I was thrilled and I too turned it all back in for more tickets and won some of the money back and kept playing until it was all gone. It was fun.

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    I won $400 once, a long time ago, only few bucks since then,

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    Zero Dollars!! I'm not a very lucky person. That's why I don't buy those things anymore.

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    I won about $60.00 off of scratch off bingo

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