What is adaptive modulation in communications?

Please , I need to have a good and fast overview about Adaptive modulation, how is it implemented?

What is its benefits?

and its appllications?

Which communication systems use it?

It is not required to answer all the above questions.

Thanks alot.

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    Adaptive modulation and coding (AMC), is a term used in wireless communications to denote the matching of the modulation, coding and other signal and protocol parameters to the conditions on the radio link (e.g. the pathloss, the interference due signals coming from other transmitters, the sensitivity of the receiver, the available transmitter power margin, etc.). Adaptive modulation systems improve rate of transmission, and/or bit error rates, by exploiting the channel information that is present at the transmitter. Especially over fading channels which model wireless propagation environments, adaptive modulation systems exhibit great performance enhancements compared to systems that do not exploit channel knowledge at the transmitter.

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    Definition Of Modulation In Communication

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