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Gamma Ray Burst's???

Gamma Ray Bursts, i want to know more about them and research them. I have gotten data from the BATSE website and i want to somehow, make GRB's a topic in my science fair. This is not really a traditional sciene fair it is an international science contest, ISEF. And please don't tell me that i woun't be able to do anything, because if you go to the ISEF website, you will see under 2008 results, (after some navigation) there are projects such as black holes and similar things like that, so it is possible to make such a project. And i want it to be real science. :)


it is all theoretical and observational, NOT EXPERIMENTAL

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    It sounds as if you've already done quite a bit of research on the subject. Maybe it's time to head for the nearest University Library and start getting serious. (Or a public Library, since they can get books on the ILLS system from anywhere in the World). I suggest Libraries as they are a -helluva- lot less expensive than buying books ☺

    Then you just need to come up with some way to get it all organized and presented.

    HTH and good luck,


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    Also, if you are submitting any writings on your research, I would make sure to proofread for superfluous apostrophe usage.

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