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I used to be able to type a keyword in the address bar, and Google would redirect me to the site so I didn't have to type in ".com". Since I've downloaded AIM, the keywords would go to AIM Search and not redirect me to the site I want to go to. Is there a way to reset it to Google?

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    1 decade ago
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    I think your best course of action in the long run would be to ditch AIM and download an alternative like Pidgin for Windows or Linux, or Adium for OS X.

    You keep your existing screen name and buddies - the programs still use the AIM service.

    AIM is infamous for situations like this.

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    really the only solution is to get rid of the AIM toolbar; its job IS to redirect you to their search, as they charge for their ads by the amount of traffic through their site.

    uninstall it and go back to the Firefox default.

    Or if you have good reason to keep the AIM thing, go to this site and download this tiny Firefox addon called Toolbar Thinger. It lets you add extra search bars to your menu bar, where you can choose from 5 or 6 search engines from a dropdown box.

    get TinyMenu as well while you're there, this converts the menu bar to a drop-down, leaving space for 2 or 3 search bars if you want a choice.

    Source(s): sorry this URL won't copy, for some reason. Search for mozilla addons then put "thinger" into the internal search bar
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    you can fix that, you need to set your default search engine back to google.

    right hand top corner. where you have the tiny search bar. click on the little google/aim icon, drop down menu > manage search engines > select google as the default.

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