Best makeup for strong nude lip with work-appropriate smokey eyes?

I'm about to get a short, face-framing haircut with heavy bangs and want to do a chic nude lip with something to play up my big eyes. I am a self-professed Sephora junkie, so price isn't really a big deal if it's the best.

I've been reading good things about Mac Tinted Lipglass, but I also hear it's crazy sticky. I also hear good things about their lipstick in "Kinda Sexy" (but I thought most lipstick was cakey and drying?).

And I have no idea how to do a nice, appropriate smoky eye (best shadows, shades, and brushes). I just want something very high-style (think Angelina, Katie Holmes) but with an edge to it (I'm a 25 year old web designer, and I love Rihanna's new look, but I'm white LOL).

I would love it if professional makeup artists are lurking around with any advice!!

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    Yes it's true- the mac tinted lip glass is a tad too sticky. Go for the Dior lip gloss- any color would do- they glide on like butter without that stickiness. Great color payoff too and it lasts better than the mac. Macs are better for eye makeup.

    Big eyes are easy features to dress up. I would use mac gel liner in black track and line the top and wing (optional) for a sexy cat eye look. Use mac engrave eyeliner to line the bottom outer lid only. It would look subtle yet alluring for work.

    To bring out dimensions in the eye use a highlighting eyeshadow all over your lids and brow bone- mac rice paper would be perfect. Now for lids use shroom and on the outer corner use a darker shade of brown - my favorite is by rimmel in chocolate. But any brown would do. Blend and you would get a neutral slightly smokey brown. Dont forget to curl and put on mascara- I'm using estee lauder projectionist- it gives out lots of volume.

    For the face i would use foundation - any would do- laura mercier makes a good one. Then for blush I would use the nars duo in orgasm and laguna beach and sweep that on the cheek bones and apples of the cheeks.

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    Dark smokey eye shadow can turn out not so great in pictures but if you want to do it them go ahead! I usually like doing more natural eyes and a bold red lip, but again just do what you want to do. with smokey eyes don't do a completely nude lip. Try a really light pink As for blush, if you plan on wearing foundation try a blush that matches what your cheeks are naturally and if you're not going to wear foundation then don't worry about it.

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