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The different between Plasma and LCD?

I want to buy new TV size 50 (price can be between 1400 pounds-1600 pounds), i need your advice shall i buy plasma or LCD (shall i choose Panasonic or Pioneer)

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  • pliw
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    1 decade ago
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    Visit this site:

    This will give you the differences between different TV screen technologies.

    From my previous experience, I prefer the Pioneer Brand.

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    To get a full understanding of the difference between Plasma and LCD then visit:

    and use this site to make up your own mind, rather than listening to biases. There is a list of some of the best plasmas and lcds around on this site. As it goes, summarizing the site and your needs and I'm presuming you have HD, then if you want a 50" and can spend over a £1000, you may as well go go for a Panasonic. Although Pioneer have probably the best 50" tv Plasma in the market, it costs over £2000. The tvs I am talking about are all full HD. If on the small chance you are only going to be watching normal SD content then you can go for a smaller resolution Pioneer at 50". But to be frank, if you want the best picture, get HD.

    Hope that helps!

  • Dave
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    1 decade ago

    Don't get a plasma what ever you do.Ive had 3 of them and had nothing but problems with them.From ghosting to screen burn.They also only last and average of 20,000 hours where as a LCD will last close to 60,000 hours and takes a lot less electric than the plasma.If i was you id go for a Sony Bravia LCD.That's what i did and ive now had it for about 3 years.And it is still running fantastic.I got it from the place in the link ive added.The prices and customer service is fantastic.They won't leave your house until they take it out the box so you can check for any damage to the tv

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    Well, seeing as 63% of the population actually prefer plasmas (despite some of the utterly misinformed answers here...), I'd get a plasma.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    pioneer is the leading maker of plasma's, if you want quality go for the pioneer kuro plasma tv.

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    LCD- plasmas will most likely go out of business soon. I honestly think that LCD's have better picture quality.

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    Please do yourself a favor, I have had both.An LCD screen will make you jump with joy, while a plasma can be difficult.

    In about two-three yrs The plasma will need to be replaced, which will cost just as much or more than the TV itself. Plus the picture isn't as perfect as an LCD.

    LCD has phenomenal HD.

    And you get what you pay for.

    and this isnt based on my personal prefrence either.

    I hope I helped. Please consider this.

  • 1 decade ago

    panasonic is a better make in my opinion


    it will give u great in depth differences between them and which suits you

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    get LCD, and get pioneer. Plasma's deteriorate, and LCD gives superior picture quality.

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    Could be useful

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