I bought a new car online, I did not pay sales tax or register the car. How can I get a title?

I bought the car online and had the dealer deliver it to the boat dock for immediate export. I did not pay sales tax or register the car and have not titled it either. All I have is a certificate of origin. How can I title the car to sell it when I bring it back to the States?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you have an MSO on a Canadian car car you might have a bit of a problem check and make sure there are no tariffs with border states for import due before registration. I used to buy "Grey market" Chrysler Intrepid (I know they are Dodges here) that had been registered in Kansas, and the reason was taxes.

    If it is a domestic car just take it to you local tax office with the buyers agreement and pay the appropriate sales tax and registration as long as the MSO is filled out properly.

    Source(s): retired Daimler-Chrysler dealer
  • 1 decade ago

    When you title a car, you do it in a State (home State). And they'll only give you a title if you pay the tax (sales tax).

    So if you plan to bring it back, you might as well pay for the tax now and make it easy for yourself.

    Good Luck...

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