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Spiritually speaking, does anyone know a good hangover cure?

And anyone who tries to make some metaphor about 'seeing the truth of their deity being the ultimate hangover cure', or anything along those lines, will be summarily executed. Hangovers make Vinny cranky.


To all those saying prevention is the best cure; thank you for the idea. However, as my time machine is currently being repaired, that is not a currently viable option for getting rid of THIS hangover.

Themommy: Primus! o_O I am so glad I don't have any of those ingredients about the house, because I'd actually be tempted to try that... thanks for the suggestion, I'll remember that for another time!

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    Stay drunk.

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    I know it will be unpopular because this is such a conservative, closed-minded forum, but the BEST, by far, is this.

    1. Vomit if you need to, dont hold it back

    2. Have a few sips of healthy drink (non alcoholic of course)

    3. Share a spliff and dont have too much

    4. Relax in comfortable clothes watching your favourite TV show, comedy/mindless sitcom is best. Drink lots of fruit juice

    5. When you feel well enough, have a fry up.

    6. As soon as your strength has returned, have sex. (failing that do whatever makes you feel good, other than drinking alcohol)

    Spritiually speaking, just RELAX and reflect on how lucky you are to be able to go out and 'enjoy yourself' last night when there is so much suffering in the world. Besides, you are a human! Doesn't that just totally rule? Think about it!

    Good luck with the head

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    When I was a drinker, I found the hair of the dog method worked quite well, or just not sobering up worked out good for a few years too. What does your alcohol problem have to do spirituality? Spiritually speaking of course. Don't want a hangover, don't drink. And finally who cares if you are cranky? I know I don't.

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    Hi Vinny,

    You probably will find this hard to believe but Mexican Menudo is a great cure for hangovers. There's a reason why menudo is usually sold Sundays at little Authentic Mexican restaurants. I doubt you can get a hold of a good, authentic menudo where you are though.

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  • You need to work on three things: Rehydrating, replenishing your minerals and absorbing any remaining alcohol.

    Some tolerable foods that will help with that include apples, potatoes, honey and bananas.

    If you have any vitamin C, take that every few hours. (If you don't, get a quality one to keep on hand.) It will help your cells hold onto the water you drink. A lot of high vitamin C foods are acidic, so be careful if you go the 'natural' route.

    Be careful about painkillers, they add stress to your already over-loaded liver and kidneys.

    Hope you find something that works for you, and soon.

  • People swear by the hair of the dog, but it depends on just how much hair you all ready drank.

    To this day I can't get with in 20 feet of Jose Cuervo Especial. We got in a fight one night and he won. And that was 11 years ago. *shiver*

    Slam a bottle of pedialite (yes it tastes disgusting) and take a nap. Eat something if you can too.

    Next time take preventable measures. Slam the pedialite *before* you go to bed with a hit of motrin with something greasy.

    Source(s): Ex-professional drinker ;)
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    Then why preface your question with "spiritually speaking"? What do you expect to hear from that.

    There are lots of pills sold at common places such as gas stations/drug stores that boast of being able to either cure or prevent hangovers.

    However, the surest method is prevention. Don't drink.

    I'm nearly 30 years old and I've NEVER been hung over. I believe it's safe to assume that my method works pretty well.

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    Sure.....simply pray to the alcohol gods. Beg for their forgiveness and swear (with fingers crossed) that you will NEVER over-indulge again. Make a sacrifice of a that a nip of bourbon to show your sincerity. Once your hangover is gone, you can blame the effects of the alcohol for failing to remember the promises you made to the gods.

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    No, I just always have to suffer through it. I've found that if I take a couple tylenols before going to bed after drinking, I usually feel fine in the morning

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    I put a bottle of frozen water next to my bed before I go out. As soon as I lay down the water is cold refreshing and hydrating, I wake up feeling fine. *On nights I know I am going to drink even more than usual I double up on the water!

    If you wait to drink it til the morning after it does not work.

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    Water. A hangover is the result of dehydration.

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