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Possibility of pregnancy?

Okay, so I've been consistently taking birth control for about five months now, and everything's gone perfectly. During the first week of this month's pack, my times for pill intake were strange and sort of off. I took the first one at noon, second one the next day at 8, the next at 7, etc.

Two weeks ago, I was late taking a pill by around 11 hours. A few days later, I had sex for the first time, and have been regularly since then. Since then, I've also been late taking two pills in a row, the first by over twelve hours, the second by five.

Lately, I've been feeling a little nauseous, uncharacteristically exhausted at only 9 at night, I've been sleeping more, and having mysterious and recurrent headaches/lower backpains. I've also been eating things I usually hate, like meat. Also strange.

So give me your opinion, straight up: what are the chances that I could be pregnant?


Forgot to mention that I took my late pills at 8 & 7 AM (my somewhat usual times), not PM.

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    There's always a chance, even if you take your birth control perfectly. Birth control is not 100% effective. It might be a little early to take a test still. If you miss your period you should take one.

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    supply up having unprotected intercourse... Than you won't ought to concern approximately issues like this! in case you do no longer comprehend those issues by potential of now, than you need to shop your legs closed. Theres a threat of having pregnant each time you have intercourse, condom or no condom. additionally be apprehensive approximately STD's and not merely being pregnant!

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    Don't think that you are pregnant. Everyday you took a pill and they are 99% effective. Put them under your pillow at night so you don't forget.

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    yes, i feel u pregnant...

    because that all problem about pregnant...

    i also felt like that when i am pregnant..

    always want 2 eat, been sleeping more, and etc...

    that's all the problem..

    u must directly go to hospital and check it...

    and if u have a little baby "CONGRATULATIONS!!"

    you will be a mom...

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    don't worry there is no chance for pregnancy and take ur pills daily.

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